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of the legislature approved it. thousands of pages of previously confidential documents from the clinton administration are set to be released soon. that's according to the national archives. the documents describe communications between bill clinton and his advisers. and potentially his wife, hillary. some of the records pertain to the former president's appointments to federal office. there's no specific date set for their release. a judge is preparing to set a third new trial date for the man accused of killing 12 people at a movie theater near denver in 2012. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty and defendant james holmes has pleaded insanity. the original trial date was in august. that was pushed to february after prosecutors announced they were seeking the death penalty, then the february date was abandoned when prosecutors requested that holmes undergo a second mental health evaluation. ukraine's acting interior minister says troops and police have been put on high alert after armed men seized a government administration building in southern ukraine. an estimated 50-gunmen ar
topics like the former first lady's first overhaul of the healthcare system and the clinton's response to the administration expected to be answered in the next coming weeks. >>> and the proposed pipeline would carry 8:30,000 barrels of oil a day from canada to the gulf coast it will increase carbon pollution, but opponents disagree, saying it would bring jobs. >>> and we'll had hear from residents who not so happy about this new proposal and an early morning house fire ripped through a san leandro house, why this isn't the first time they've been to this location. >> and showing some rain in san lorenzo. i'll have the details coming up. > and welcome back. this was the scene a little earlier this afternoon, slick, drab, and some drizzle but nothing like the big storm they're bracing for back east. >> that is a huge storm back east. snow and ice. we don't have to deal with that at least here in the bay area. we do have some raven on the way for tomorrow -- rain on the way tomorrow. things beginning to quiet down after a pretty soggy day. here's storm tracker 4. showers or sprinkles, re
for the audience. (laughter) >> gary: harbaugh was on the scene to check him out today. clinton dick considered a top saftey >> gary: nothing new to report that would just repeat this in a very sweet way prin >> gary: you do not show of people into a corner and the man some if they are not ready for quite ready to give it to you if you have at least two years to life. two years left >> gary: everyone who has come everyone knows that he has come up and said that he was gay. michaels them is leading a hand that no one else expected to throw today. you think he he would know better. you know that is getting a lot of laughs in the era that he grew up again. it >> gary: formally charged with one possession of a weapon and fire are he is a guard for the nea york knicks. a last night following the game to make a long story short, he was in that argument with his wife and his wife got a hold of the gun and took it down to the authorities and that is where we stand right now. >> gary: j. r. smith of fined 50,000 we will see what happens will he received another fine rather than another man's head then?
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3